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Jeanne Gadol - Photography, Digital Artistry,
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For me, being an artist = PURE JOY. My childhood dream of being a fulltime artist came true when my husband and I purchased our Sea Ranch home 12 years ago. Prior to that I worked in mental health, the computer industry and taught business classes to university students. Most importantly to my art, I owned a graphic design business when desktop publishing and computer graphics were in their infancy. This enabled me to move easily into digital photography and to understand the artistic possibilities of this new and powerful set of tools.

While I'm continually exploring and combining various art forms, my love for nature and sense of composition and color can easily be seen throughout them all. Robert Ketchum, my long-time mentor and world renowned color landscape photographer and environmental activist, has had a profound effect on my ability to see the landscape and to embrace the use of cutting-edge technology to express my artistic vision.

Photography increases my appreciation and awareness of the world around me. Working with my photographic images to create fine digital artistry allows me to celebrate the essence of the original image(s) as I express and superimpose upon it my aesthetic and emotional reactions to it. As a painter, I work intuitively, never knowing where my painting is going but knowing when it is complete. Creating scarves challenges my sensibility of design and color as I strive to create a look that works well with a variety of palettes and when worn in a number of ways.

I've received many awards for my photography, digital artistry, mixed media and acrylics, had 5 individual shows, and taken part in numerous juried group shows. PC Photo magazine selected my unique form of photography-based digital artistry for a 6-page article entitled "Capturing Grace". I have studied under and co-taught with both Robert Ketchum and National Geographic Photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins.

Contact Information:

Jeanne Gadol
271 Erica Way
Portola Valley, CA 94028
Phone: 650-854-5329