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David Donaldson – Color Landscape Photography

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I received my degree in fine arts in the early 1980's from a small college in Fremont California. My career for the majority of the time was as an air craft mechanic for a large airline in San Francisco. I did not practice photography as a career choice until after I retired in 2000. Prior to that I studied and attended work shops with some notable photographers such as Ansel Adams, Bret Weston, Morely Bear and some not as notable artists that I admired for their work.

I did work and produce art for a hobby and I was able to show my work on the Mendocino coast at one man shows in the town of Mendocino and in Fort Brag at Fiddles and Cameras. I have shown at Art in the Redwoods at Gualala Arts and have won awards for my work.

Most of my work up until 2000 was taken with a large format camera. After that time, because I moved and did not have a dark room, I used a digital camera. I have found a great tool in the digital camera and the computer. I was introduced to the digital age before my retirement and I taught myself the use of Adobe Photo Shop. I am not a master of the Photo Shop but I have found the wonders of color through it. I believe the photograph is nothing more than a two dimensional image enhanced by color.

Through the years I experimented with manipulating the image. When I worked in black and white photography I always pushed the boundaries of the process by imitating those artists I admired. The f64 group was always an inspiration but I also was impressed by work done outside of photography. The work you see today is some of what I have done in the past twelve years that I have lived here on the coast. It is a work in progress. I try to recreate the image I saw in my mind’s eye in the field. To me it is important to show you what I see.

Contact Information:

David Donaldson
PO Box 1426
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-785-1994