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North Coast

Jane A. Head – Acrylics and Venetian Plaster, Ceramics

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Jane has lived and painted on the coast for a glorious ten years, after having a successful mural and decorative painting business in the Bay Area.

She is mesmerized by the constantly changing natural surroundings, of sky, landscape and ocean with its ethereal fog and its dazzling light that reminds her, in the spring, of her country of birth, Great Britain. She has found unique ways to render their wonderful beauty by employing techniques she has learned and honed over the past thirty years, using a variety of mediums including Venetian Plaster and acrylic glazes. She is an award winning painter and a workshop instructor at Gualala Arts.

Her first show at the Dolphin in 2006 was a huge success. In her new show, many pieces explore the concepts of endangerment and extinction, with grace, poignancy, satire and humor!

Contact Information:

Jane Head
PO Box 765
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-1874