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Larain Matheson - Acrylics, Encaustics, Oil, Mixed Media, Jewelry

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I love color and exploring it. Even as a youngster, I felt comfortable with a brush in my hand. The recent paintings I've done reflect my love of color in nature, and my inspiration comes from abstracting the forms I see in the world. I have been working in encaustic wax medium and oils for 4 years and am captured by this ancient medium, whose roots are in Greece and Egypt. It offers me so many opportunities to explore the flowing wax and fuse it with heat. I will be showing you the process at my studio tour this year, as well as my figurative drawings and pastels, and my new jewelry designs in many gemstones. Making jewelry has been a passion of mine for decades.

My art career spans 30 some years of actively painting in many mediums. I received my M.F.A. from U.C.L.A. in the 70's, and taught art at junior colleges for a few years. I was able to work with some great painters in those graduate years in Venice, Ca. Richard Diebenkorn, Tom Holland, and Lynn Foulkes were some I worked with directly for my degree. They inspired me, especially Richard Diebenkorn, who said paint BIG. I did for many years, and had shows in southern California at the San Pedro Museum, and other galleries. Later, I lived in Guatamala and Mexico where I have shown my work in galleries. Life took me back to the Bay Area and I taught there for many years, as a bi-lingual teacher and an art specialist who worked on mural projects with classes. I also taught at Marin Jr. College as an art instructor. My interest in Native Americans led me to start a non-profit, FOUR WINDS CIRCLE, and I travelled throughout the southwest with native elders. In the 1990's I bought land in southern Colorado and years later built a straw-bale house totally off the grid. This was the largest art endeavor for me and it took 6 years to complete. This would become a haven for painting after my teaching career ended and my daughters were grown. changes and love led me to the northern coast. Since 2005, I now live on the coast here most all year with my husband, but do get to Colorado in the summers. The light is extraordinary there and in Santa Fe, I have had numerous group exhibits in Santa Fe at the Encaustic Art Institute and am in their permanent collection. My work is included in a catalogue of new encaustic artists, from the EAI showing my painting "Rainbow Galaxy", which is in the SDT catalogue. My work is also seen in galleries in southern Colorado.

At present, living on the coast of Gualala, I show my work at the Mendocino Art Center and have been included in many juried shows there in the past 5 years. My work has also been seen at the Gualala Art Center, Dolphin Gallery, Edgewater Gallery and the Blue Canoe. I was in the Kentfield Invitational Show for 3 years and received Best of Show in multi-media in 2010. Since art is so subjective, it's not about awards, but really about showing who you authentically are, taking risks in my work, growing more in technical skill and also imagination......and being willing to share it. I continue to be inspired by line, color, architecture, and life itself. My encaustic workshops are offered during each year at my studio on the coast. Looking forward to seeing you at my studio this year.

Contact Information:

Larain Matheson
PO Box 1585
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3660