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Sheryl Marshall - Acrylic and Mixed Media

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To me, there is nothing better than creating my art. The process allows me to connect with the undiscovered parts of myself and to share those discoveries, through my artwork, with others.

Over the course of my creative journey, I have experimented with the use of watercolors, oils, pastels and clay. I am the happiest and feel the most creative when my processes primarily incorporate the use of my hands, as tools, instead the using brushes or other instruments. Because the sense of touch plays such a vital role in connecting me to my process, my current body of work utilizes the versatility of acrylic mediums, "found objects" and fibrous materials to help me express myself. These materials work well with my abstract working style and allow me the greatest opportunity for experimentation while bringing the "magic" of my imagination to life. It is the pure joy and fun of creating that I hope others will both see and feel in my artwork.

While I continue to work, full-time, as an insurance professional, I devote as many of my spare moments, as possible, to making art. I am closest to my authentic self when I am creating and it is my artwork that truly feeds my soul and gives me balance and persepcteve on all other aspects of my life.

My artwork has won awards and has been feature in various juried and non-juried shows, as well as art galleries, throughout California and Mexico.
Contact Information:

Sheryl Marshall
308 Skylark Way
Napa, CA 94558

Phone: 707-225-5854
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