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Vicki Hodge - Beaded Jewelry

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I was a computer programmer for 30 years but now am retired and living on the beautiful coast of Northern California. I am currently able to spend my time pursuing various interests in the arts. I am an avid gardener and, with my husband, have developed a wonderful garden full of flowers and several landscaped “rooms”. Although I am self-taught, I use the flowers in my garden to create many different floral arrangements. In the past I have spent time taking black and white and color photos.

Six years ago I bought some beads and crystals at a garage sale and found a new art form which I love. I find the pattern and colors of beads so interesting. A class here and there along the way will take me in a new direction. I make wonderful necklaces in an extensive variety of styles such as classic, ethnic, and artsy. My taste in materials encompasses a wide range of materials from shells to crystals, semi-precious stones and metals. I make necklaces for women, men, and teenagers. When designing a piece of jewelry I strive for balance and harmony in the pattern and use of color. I use a wide range of different colors. I love to work with a client and create a special look and palette of colors for a specific outfit. This year I have expanded to wire-wrapping, seed beads, and beachy shell and pearl necklaces.

I am currently represented by the Coast Highway Art Collective in Point Arena, California and am a member of Beads N’ Beyond at the Gualala Art Center.

Contact Information:

Vicki Hodge
PO Box 1004
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-884-3302