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Paula Hawthorn – Fabric

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I began quilting over 20 years ago, when my youngest went to college and I decided I needed to have something in my life in addition to work. Otherwise, I would become a complete workaholic. I was an executive at high-tech start-ups. I took a number of classes in various crafts, and discovered quilting. The colors, the fabrics, the feel of cotton in your hands, the joy of creating something lovely, the beauty and usefulness of the finished quilts just took my heart. For many years, before I retired, I would often arise at 4AM to work on a quilt. My conversion to seeing quilts as art in addition to craft came when I saw an exhibit at the Oakland Museum, a wonderful artist who made marvelous beautiful quilts where no points matched and the stitches were all "toe-grabbers".


For me, quilting is a form of meditation. For years, I prayed for the person for whom I was making the quilt as I made it. I could not design a quilt until I had the person for whom I was making it firmly in mind, and a design would come out of my thoughts and prayers for that person. But after I retired two things happened: more time to quilt, and more time in my new quilting studio in Gualala. We took the double garage, split it in half so there is still a single garage, and in the "saved" space I have my dream: a quilting studio where I do not need to worry about grandchildren stepping on pins that have fallen to the floor, where my work table can be uninterrupted by the need to clear space for dinner, a space that is dedicated to quilting. And with the time & the space came the desire to make quilts for people I don't know, and for these quilts the inspiration comes not from a person but more often from nature: the quilt with the bright sun in the middle (actually a half of a sun block) was made in the dark of the long rainy 2011 winter; the quilt with the appliquéd flowers is named "fireflies" for an early evening lawn party in Virginia. I still pray, but now it is usually for the world: for peace and justice and the Raiders.

Contact Information:

Paula Hawthorn
5469 Kales Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618

Phone: 510-601-8388

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