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Anne Kessler – Pastels

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Colors to excite the heart and soothe the soul.

Anne’s paintings of rivers and trees have won many awards. They are both magical and healing. She believes that people need landscape paintings to remind them of the deep stillness of the earth. “When I use my painter’s eyes I can see that we are all connected by a web of light and color. My paintings invite you to reflect on the surface of flowing water, the spirit that emanates as color from all things, and the fluidity of each moment.”
Last year her painting, “Monte Rio Light”, appeared on the Fetzer Vineyards limited edition Earth Day Wine bottle. She is also a featured artist at Kaiser Permanente and various healthcare facilities in Chicago.
Anne would love to have you come to her studio, bring a picnic and walk through the redwoods to the Garcia River which is her constant companion and source of inspiration.
Anne grew up in Cambridge Massachusetts and attended Radcliffe College and U.C. Berkeley. She spent 12 years as a professional musician. She has shown her work in galleries in San Francisco, Scottsdale, New York City, Paris and Zurich. In 1993 when Masako Owada was married to Prince Naruhito, the Crown Prince of Japan, one of Anne’s paintings was presented to the royal couple as a wedding present by an American collector. The painting now hangs in the private collection of the Japanese Royal household.

Contact Information:

Anne Kessler
PO Box 147
Point Arena, CA 95468

Phone: 707-882-3224
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