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Genevieve Wilson – Pencil, Graphite, Watercolor, Acrylics

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Genevieve (Genny) Wilson has extensive training and experience in Fine Art and Medical Illustration. She has won many awards and her work is in both public and private collections, galleries, museums, and medical schools. She has been published nationally and internationally. She still works professionally as well as teaching classes in drawing and painting.

Her Fine Art is about symbolic realism, visually composed to create moments of insight and emotions with her own unique imagination - Not recordings. Form, color, details and individual expression are very important and she teaches this in her classes.

Her Medical Art is about the beauty of form, function, and science of anatomy, surgery, and forensic pathology, using color, texture, exacting details. She specializes in Veterinary illustration, the Heart, and Demonstrative Evidence for trials.

Genny lost the use of both hands from Polio when she was eleven and her art lessons began. At twelve she won the most promising student award from the University of Kentucky. She graduated from California College of Arts with distinction in two majors of Fine Art and Illustration. At the University of Dallas Health Science Center, in the medical illustration program, she was ranked second of all the medical-illustration students in the US. Sixty nine pen and ink drawings from her graduate thesis have just been hung at Harvard Medical School, Department of Comparative Pathology.

Welcome to my studio and my Philosophy for Creating Art.

Contact Information:

Genevieve Wilson
PO Box 754
Gualala, CA 95445

Phone: 707-785-1025