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Toni Wilson – Concrete

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My artistic expressions start with a passionate feeling. This feeling is easily stirred by the vibrant colors, unique textures and distinct geological shapes that are so plentiful in our natural surroundings. I’m especially drawn to tropical plants with their oversize leaves, bold contours and architectural presence. Since they add such a magical quality to the garden, I love to echo that in my concrete leaf sculptures. These one of a kind sculptures enhance interior as well as exterior spaces and work well in a variety of settings. I also play off the colors and shapes in the landscape as I fashion distinctive mosaic stepping stones, which can be used in a series or as an accent.
My felted fiber pieces are another way I express my love of color and texture. I enjoy the fluidity of the felting process, as the fibers mingle and the colors blend and enhance each other.
Primarily a self-taught artist, I have developed the process and successfully formulated a custom cement mix for my garden pieces. I continue to refine and add to my techniques through associations with other artists and by participating in workshops at the Gualala Art Center, Mendocino Art Center and Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland.
I look forward to 2012 Discovery Tour and hope you will come visit my studio under the Redwoods.
Contact Information:

Toni Wilson
PO Box 185
The Sea Ranch, CA 95497

Phone: 707-785-2944
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