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Walt Rush - Gold and Silver Jewelry

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Walt Rush is a self-taught jeweler with over 40 years of experience. He believes being self- taught allows him the ability to create “wearable works of art” because he has no constraints. What he thinks and sees in his mind, he can create. The imagination is ones only limits.

Walt doesn’t really like to make a piece of jewelry with straight lines, or jewelry that you can pick up at most jewelry stores. This is just not creative enough for him.

Walt’s inspirations come from having a bird’s eye view of the ocean and beaches along Highway 1 in California. He creates his jewelry to look as if an ocean wave has just caressed a pearl on the beach and it is frozen in time in a wave. Or perhaps, he will take a blue sapphire (like the color of the ocean) that appears to be caught in a piece of driftwood on the beach. Or, maybe even an abalone shell and create it out of silver or gold adding a diamond, pearl, or some other semi precious stone which appears to be lodged in the shell to show off its natural beauty as mother earth intended it to be.

To obtain the organic natural effects of the movement of the surf and waves, Walt will cast molten gold or silver in water. To obtain the look of driftwood he can cast molten gold or silver in straw. Then he adds the jewels in an area to have it appear as if it has been lodged there by nature as it rolls around in the surf on the beach.

As you can, see Walt gets the majority of his inspiration from the ocean and his natural surroundings.

Contact Information:

Walt Rush
43751 Cypress Parkway
Manchester, CA 95459

Phone: 707-882-2441
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